Spy Pen Camera—What Is It, Really?

We have all seen spy movies wherein a seemingly ordinary pen actually turns out to be a high tech spy pen. Often, after seeing these movies, we think of how cool it is that something so random and unsuspicious can be used as a spying tool. Most people would actually think that technology like this only exists in fiction books and movies, but this assumption is wrong. You can now purchase your own spy pen camera for your own purpose—either to just have a cool gadget or to actually spy on someone for a good reason.

A spy pen camera would have all the basic features that a normal camera has. It can catch still pictures or videos. It can also capture audio. The quality of these data would all depend on the camera’s quality. It’s basically a normal camera that has been shrunk and made to look like an ordinary pen for purposes of discretion.

Most spy pen cameras can actually function as pens, though with limited supply for ink. They would look like a normal, everyday, expensive pen. Once put in a chest pocket, it can capture images or videos for you without being caught. Usually, you can turn the camera off or on and toggle through its features by twisting, clicking or adjusting the top part of the pen.

There are so many good reasons for using a spy pen camera. For example, you may be a homeowner with a cleaning lady coming in every day and you want to make sure she doesn’t take anything. You may also be a teacher who goes out while the students are taking an exam and you want to catch cheaters. You may also want to prove that someone did something and want to capture that person red handed.

No matter what a spy pen camera is used for, the important thing is to remember where your boundaries lie.