How to Use Spy Pen Cameras

It is obvious for many people that a spy pen camera is used to film and take photos or videos over someone or some event. But the real question is how do you use them? What are the steps? Are there one-by-one procedures in powering them on and off? Are there certain rules on what to do and on what not to do? These and more, you can easily figure out if you’re willing to learn, with the help of manuals, demos, and you attentiveness, you can be an expert in no time!

How do you operate a Spy Pen Camera?
A spy pen camera is operated by a battery, and usually, it is being turned on and off by the on and off button located on one side of the pen (outer part). Then once it’s on, other tasks follows, there’s a lens in the very front tip of the pen, used to capture images and videos. And in the middle, there is an opening into the inner part of the pen and you can twist it for more inner parts of the spy pen camera.

What are the Options in Protecting Spy Pen Cameras against Faster Damage?
Well, first you have to be real careful with your spy pen camera. You have to avoid it to things and places which can cause damage to it. Some people say the length and durability of a certain thing is not on the brand or its price, but how the owner uses it. In some ways, this is true. Because no matter how expensive something may be, if you don’t handle it with care, it’s good as nothing.

What should you do if the Spy Pen Lens is Broken?
You’re lucky if you have longer warranty for your spy pen camera. If not, some repairs cost more than buying a new one.