3 Most Common Types or Looks of Spy Pen Cameras

Every gadget has different looks and forms to choose from. Like for instance, a digital camera, it comes in different sizes, shapes, forms, styles, and even colours. Same thing with cell phones- it doesn’t even matter what the features are any more, as long as the phone looks very nice. With spy pen cameras, there are also a variety of shapes and styles to choose from. There are different colours, different shapes, and it all depends on which one you want.

Slim Black Pen Cameras
A slim and black spy pen camera is probably considered to be the most elegant of all the styles or pen cameras. Probably because it is slim and thin, and also because black is really ‘in’. Black is considered as the colour of all occasions- it is the colour of the new generation as well. And carrying a black pen makes someone look really professional, especially when it has thin shape. It could add up to the flavour of an attire of a certain person. And as what experts would say, “Having black in any part of you is power”.

Blue Ballpoint Pen Cameras
A ballpoint pen is the most common type of pen being used for spy pen cameras; probably because it has the convenience and enough space on the inside for all the pen camera’s parts to fit. This type of a pen camera is also cheaper compared to other ones, more of the time. A blue ballpoint pen camera is also elegant in nature, it is round, and most items, it is shiny.

Golden Shine Round Spy Pen Cameras
A golden spy pen camera is the last type of spy pen cameras. This one has the least consumers, probably because it is one of the most expensive, depending on the memory storage as well.