3 Basic Uses of a Spy Pen

There are three minor ways on how to operate a spy pen camera: aside from those major ones or hard one- those that need a manual, a demonstrator, or some kind of a technical support online or through the phone. In knowing the basic rules and functions of a spy pen, you could actually relate it to other gadgets you’ve had before which have the same functions as some of those with a spy pen’s. well, almost the same, for that matter.

Take Photo
First main function- and a very obvious one, is taking pictures. Form the word camera itself. A camera is known to do photography, to take pictures, capture moments and store them in location to be saved as your file. Taking photos is one of the most practically known uses of a spy pen camera for it be placed anywhere- usually in a safe, hidden place, and still can take pictures of the angles in front of it (and sometimes even around it because of the zoom in and out and rotation functions of the latest hidden cameras).

Make Video
To make a video is also one of the most important and known function of a spy pen camera. Fist, its because, this type of cameras has a lens, and if there are two major uses of lenses from gadgets: to take pictures, and to take videos. With spy cameras, it’s almost the same with DSLR and digital cameras, it can take both work. But there are still some spy cameras that only take pictures, and some, only videos.

Record Audio
Last main use of a spy pen is to record an audio file. To record an audio file, you don’t need videos or images- just the sound and voices. This way its function is more life a recorder.